Frilling before and after: My first reupholstered chair!


Last week I had the amazing opportunity to take a reupholstering workshop at Spruce in Austin. The owner of Spruce, Amanda Brown, writes for the popular blog, Design Sponge about once a month. So cool! Check out her latest post on upholstery basics here.

Anyway, the opportunity to take this workshop arose last minute, but luckily I had the perfect chair to bring for my first experience with reupholstering. Back in March, we were cleaning out an old shed on my in-laws’ then newly purchased property, and we found this gem: 

We knew this piece had a ton of potential, so we saved it. It worked out perfectly because it’s a really simple chair to reupholster. I painted it first, chose a fabric I loved, and brought it with me to the workshop. 

Here’s the finished product. I LOVE it, and it goes perfectly in my guestroom where the accent color is turquoise!

What do you think? I am so frilled that this cute lil’ chair gets to have a fresh start instead of rotting away in an old shed!

- Aurelia

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