Sneak Peak: Melinda’s Frilling Rugs


My mom, Melinda, has a new house.  A gorgeous new house that she has designed (well, is still in process of) down to the last detail.  Her only rule: “I have to love it”.  The house has hardwood floors throughout, and she hunted high and low for rugs that she loves; she found some of the brightest, funnest, most Frilling rugs around.  Here’s a peek:

Living room:

Second Bedroom:

Master bedroom:

Third bedroom:


back door/laundry room:

All these rugs came from the Oriental Rug Gallery of Texas, which has a huge online collection.  Most all of them are indoor/outdoor, meaning if they get dirty, you can take them outside and hose them down (very handy when you have lots of dogs and kids running around). Joshua, the excellent salesperson there, is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I’ve always found it difficult to find cool rugs at decent prices, but these guys have tons of rugs and awesome service.

Hopefully we’ll get some more peeks at Melinda’s house in the near future, once she gets it just how she likes it.  And stay tuned for a Frilling DIY she’s working on.


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