Frilling Friday 6/3/11


This week I started reading a book set in Sevilla, in Spain; and it reminded me of the beautiful Flamenco dancing we saw in Granada, in the caves of Sacromonte.  Live Flamenco is gorgeously emotional, passionate, graceful, fierce, and FRILLING. Here’s a vid of Flamenco in La Cueva Venta El Gallo in Granada:

And here are some things I came across this week:

Swiss Chard: The beauty and the benefits.  mmm.  eat it up.

Some folks are calling for a boycott of Urban Outfitters, who seem to be ripping off designs from small indie designers.  Have you heard about this? It seems to have started quite a maelstrom. (I learned about it via poppytalk.)

Check out her astonishingly FRILLING collection of maternity-(and-beyond)-friendly maxi dresses.  Totally hot.

Bright is big.

I want to try this stuff.  Doesn’t it sound delicious and so very Americana? (via Poppytalk)

The ultimate fashion multitasker.

These are so delicious.  I cannot stop eating them.  Habanero Ranch flavor.  Too bad their site sucks.  I guess I’m going to have to learn how to make them now (like I did my kombucha.  which I’m on the third batch of. and which is awesome.).

Liz loves her red lipstick.  And her scarf-as-turban.

I like seeing stylish mamas also. 

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