Stuff We Love: Frill up your closet with bold, bright shoes


I think it’s frilling to use your shoes as the accent piece of your outfit. I do it a lot lately. What shoes MAKE your outfit?

Shoes from Zara. Try to ignore the constipated look on my face here. I’m NOT a model, and I may or may not have actually been constipated…

Antonio Melani wedges from Dillard’s. They’re on sale right now, just saying. 

Blowfish yellow flats. I purchased these last summer. I’m amazed I was still able to find them online. They are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.  I love, love, love them. 

Target sandals. I realize you can’t see these very well in the picture, but trust me – they were worth the 15 bucks. 

- Aurelia

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I Finally Found Them…


The comfiest everyday ballet flat. 

Now, I know that most of you are in the throes of hot weather, wearing strappy dresses and sandals; but here in SF it’s foggy and chilly most days and we wear close-toe shoes.

The Adele flat by Born.  I have tried on pair after pair of ballet flats in search of a pair that are slim and chic enough to still be ballet flats, but comfortable enough for my lifestyle.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have high comfort standards.  Many of the “walking shoe” ballet flats are too chunky; for instance, the Naot Architect, while being super-comfortable, is too chunky to be called a ballet flat, in my opinion.  But these babies are sleek and low-volume, and somehow still supportive and dreamy to wear.  They have a nice cushy sole, and the leather is butter soft and doesn’t need breaking in.

I scored my pair on sale at a shoe boutique here in SF.  Mine are a nice “natural” color that is close to my skin tone (that I can’t find online); which means it goes with EVERYTHING. 

I have worn them nearly every day since I got them.  And I have walked at least two miles up and down San Francisco hills while carrying my 20-pound child on most of those days.  What, you say?  A ballet flat you can walk miles in while carrying heavy loads AND STILL LOOK STYLISH? Oh yes, my friends.

I like them so much, I’m thinking of of ordering another color; maybe red or purple.  But if you really want a workhorse pair, choose a nude color or other neutral.  The Born site has a metallic bronze that could go with everything also.

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Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Frills


Oops! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was so busy giving my LAST presentation for my Master of Social Work and FINISHING my final course work, that I must have forgotten. 

When the day was done, I switched out my B Makowsky pumps for these wedges and went to celebrate!

And next week, I’ll be graduating in these

You see, ALL I have been wanting lately are fun, fab wedges. I plan for these babies to be on my feet most days this spring and summer, if I can help it (and I can). And in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting pictures of the rest of my favorite spring frills, because we can’t ALWAYS be basic or timeless. Sometimes, we gotta FRILL things up.

What spring trends are frilling you this spring?

- Aurelia

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Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Wishlist


Bold colors, ruffles, floral prints, and BIG wedges. Spring is here, and I’m dreaming of pretty things. 

A lovely dress for graduation, perhaps?

Dresses from Kensie and Modcloth

Bags in bold colors for every occasion? Yes, please!

Bags from Banana Republic

Big wedges and frilling bows: I WANT.

Wedges and Heels from LuLu.

What’s on your Spring Wishlist? 

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Stuff We Love: Style Basics: Aurelia’s Picks


Um… you’re gonna want to buy these Urban Outfitters Cooperative Canvas Wedges. Seriously: LOVE. They go with EVERYTHING – pants, shorts, skirts, dresses – you name it. They GO. Plus, they sell them in, like, every color imaginable. I wish I had red or blue, too. Overall, this brown color is my fave, though, because it’s very similar to my skin tone, and it blends with whatever outfit I wear. Again, LOVE!

It’s a cryin’ shame I couldn’t find these brown Banana Republic Petite Skinny Corduroy Pants on a lovely model to showcase their awesome fit. But you can go here if you are interested in grey or white (they’re on sale!). I LOVE these. No, I ADORE these. I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to find pants that FIT. These are comfortable and stylish, AND they fit my 5”1-Zero-Short-Body-Of-A-12-Year-Old self perfectly! I can’t tell you what this means to me. BR Petite section, I love you.  

I haven’t owned a denim jacket in YEARS and when I finally do get one, I can’t even find it online to show you! This is the closest match I could find to my basic light-weight denim jacket purchased from my beloved petite section at BR. Believe me, this picture does NOT do it justice. The one I own is a much darker blue, has less obnoxious buttons, and has a draw string. Still, I was determined to tell you about it because it really has become a basic necessity in my wardrobe. I love using it to dress down outfits, and I LOVE that the material is not too thick or heavy. Basically, I get the look of a cute denim jacket without the feel of it. 

A lot of my style basics aren’t available online. Either I’m really unique or all my stuff is really old! What are your style basics?

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