Frilling Austin To Do’s: Part One


I’ve been wanting to blog about my favorite Austin activities for a while now. It’s such a fun and unique city, and since my BFF was just recently in town visiting, some of my favorite things to do are fresh on my mind. 

I thought I’d break them up into two posts and am still finding it hard to condense! This post covers five, fun daytime activities I love in Austin (though you could do these things at night as well). Next week, I’ll post about things I love to do at night. I should also note that I have my Austinite friends, Melaina and Katie, to thank for introducing me to most of my picks. So, without further ado: 

1. Brunch at Bess Bistro.

I love this eatery because it’s swanky and chic, and the experience makes me feel kind of fabulous. Plus Sandra Bullock owns it, and seriously, who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock? Fun fact about Bess Bistro: it’s in what was the old bank vault of a building that originally housed apartments in the early nineteen hundreds. 

2. Lunch at Whole Foods on Lamar: 

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This Whole Foods started it all 30 years ago as a neighborhood market. It’s a must-see because it’s the flagship store, and it’s 80,000 square feet facility has it ALL. Go grab lunch and be in awe. 

3. Explore the shops on South Congress (SoCo). 

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Check out famous shops, such as the costume shop, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds and the antique store, Uncommon Objects. And don’t miss out on the local favorite, Amy’s Ice Cream. It will cool you off and NOT disappoint! 

4. Take the plunge, if you dare, at Barton Springs.

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If you’re finding the Texas heat too hot to handle, enjoy a dip in Austin’s natural pool, Barton Springs, which averages at 68 degrees all year long. It might warm you up in the winter, but from personal experience, it’s like jumping into a bucket of ice in the summer! It’s so worth it though; it’s a fun, local experience, and it’s beautiful! 

5. Shop at the Domain.

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Enjoy a luxury outdoor shopping experience at the domain. Some of my favorite daytime restaurants here include North and The Steeping Room.

- Aurelia

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