Frilling Friday: Texas Bluebonnets


Spring is here, and the bluebonnets have sprung! The Texas State Flower is lovely to behold, and behold, it is everywhere around here!

We had a lovely big patch in the yard…until my dad came along yesterday and bush-hogged them. (“Whaa? Flowers? I was just mowing the weeds down. Oh. Sorry.”) Fortunately there were a few left standing and I was able to capture them.  Technically I think you’re not supposed to pick them, but we’re on private property so… picking, bush-hogging, what’s the difference?

I walked down the road a bit to another lot where there was a large, intact patch.  I think they are so charming.

And this is Texas for you: Bluebonnets and cacti. There you go.

And here’s a look at this blasted gold stuff that I think is causing my current allergic demise.  Bah. They do not frill me.

What’s FRILLING you this weekend?

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Frilling Friday 4/15/11


Happy Friday!  Sorry for the late posting— this lovely spring day has gotten away from me.  Here are some FRILLING things I found this week.

If I had a garden, I’d make these adorable garden flags:

Are you ready for TAX DAY Monday?

Is it just me or does Chico’s kindof have an awesome scarf collection? Not to mention this Stunning Striped Poncho — how cool is that?

Hehe. (via Urban Outfitters blog)

Plate walls are dear to my heart.  I used to have an awesome wall of cool thrifted plates in my last house.

My new favorite tea (tisane, actually).  Hot or iced.

I need me some pretty tape.

Loving these wooden toys by Just Hatched (via SouleMama)

Sporty or Vintage?  But definitely polka-dot.

These are awesome.  My hubby gets the credit for spotting them on one of the many design blogs he reads.  Good eye, babe.

Sadly, none of the adorable Easter dresses that Aurelia scouted out for me ended up working (I’m a strange size right now), but I think I finally found one that might work.  What do you think?

I’m headed to Texas next week, AND next week is my birthday week!  Gonna have some fun and enjoy the hot Texas weather.  Aurelia and I are hoping to do some FRILLING projects together while I’m there.  Wish me luck – it’s Baby’s first plane trip. 

Happy Weekend!  Got any fun links to share?


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Fashion Face-off: Who Wore it Better?


I’ve been TRYING to tell you! Bold, bright prints are dominating this spring, and Amanda Seyfried’s April cover of Elle magazine is only confirming the trend. STILL, I couldn’t help but think her dress looked a little too familiar. Hailee Steinfeld and her little fashionista self (seriously, I could write an entire post on her impressive red carpet picks during award season) wore a very similar dress to the SAG awards back in January. 

Seyfried, in her 20s, wears the dress with A LOT more sex appeal, whereas 14-year-old Steinfeld keeps it looking too-darn-cute and very age appropriate. 

Who do you think wore it better?

Image via People

Image via Just Jared

-  Aurelia

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