Neon Ebew: Pink and Orange


It was as if Beth had read my mind when she gave me this neon orange and gold necklace as a graduation gift.

I love the geometric color-blocking, and I LOVE that it’s tangerine tango. I especially love pairing it with pink. Neon pink. Neons, specifically pink and orange have been really trendy this spring, and I have no shame in jumping on the band wagon because I absolutely love this color scheme!

My advice when it comes to purchasing super trendy pieces, such as neon: don’t spend the big bucks. If you absolutely must indulge, drop into H&M or F21 and save places like J Crew or Anthropologie for more timeless or classic pieces. I got this frilling, trendy dress from H&M for $25. While I plan to get a lot of wear out of it this summer, I don’t know how long of a life it will have in my closet. I admit, it was an i-just-can’t-help-myself kind of purchase, but at least I didn’t break the bank!

As you can see, I’m still faithfully rockin’ the hat (the hat apparently loves to make appearances with neon).

hat: gap / sweater: (fran’s) jcrew outlet / dress: H&M / shoes: urban outfitters (old) / bracelets: J Crew, H&M, Madewell

This is my interpretation of the June EBEW for neon. Will you EBEW?

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Frilling Friday: 2012′s Frilling Spring Trends


Happy Friday!  Today I’m thinking about all the Frilling trends that are happening (or still happening) for spring.  I was reading about some of them in Harper’s Bazaar.  Go there for more images from Fashion Week.

Florals are here to stay (Peter Som):

Tribal prints are still rolling strong (Zero Maria Cornejo):

Strong nods to the 1920’s (Marc Jacobs):

Another 20’s nod from Rachel Zoe:

Sporty-Glam (3.1 Philip Lim):

Sorbet Colors:

Geometrics (Ohne Titel):

Will you be translating some of these trends into your everyday?

Oh, and P.S. Shana has a FRILLING list of 7 Style Resolutions for 2012.  Check it out, particularly if you’re confused about how to wear cropped pants :)


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Stuff We Love: Affordable, Strappy, Summer Dresses


Go to Target. Now! Run! There are loads and loads of cute, strappy, printed dresses and most are under $25. Can you hear them calling your name? I did. 

Here are two of my picks: 

I love this dress cause you can do a lot of fun accessorizing with it. Here I kept it simple with an Anthropology belt and some long necklaces. 

 This dress is my favorite mostly because I love how the coloring looks on my skin tone. Plus, the fit is perfect for my petite lil’ self. Don’t worry if you don’t love the pattern. There are TONS to choose from.  I didn’t accessorize at all with this one because I really wanted the shoes to be the star of the show. 

These two dresses cost me a whopping $40! Not too shabby for two frilling outfits that can make multiple different looks. 

Now I’m wondering if you even finished this post or are already perusing the aisles at Target. 

- A

Stuff we Love: Aurelia’s Spring Frills: Floral EBEW


First off, do you EBEW? This month’s pick over at Everybody Everywear is floral, which goes perfectly with some of my frilling spring faves. Floral has been quite the fad for a while now, so much so, that my collection has really grown! 

Here are a few of my favorite floral frills from my own wardrobe:

I like to compliment this Gap floral maxi dress with a hot pink bandeau bra and lots of long necklaces. It kind of freaks me out that you can’t see my eye balls in these pics. I promise, I do have a soul.

Can someone say “floral on floral on floral”? Floral is girly. So is lavendar. So is bright pink lip gloss. And just for good measure, I threw in a bow (a floral bow). In this outfit, my girliness shall not be challenged!! This entire set is from Urban Outfitters (minus the scarf..which was purchased at Goodie Two Shoes in Austin). 

Another Urban Outfitters gem. The back is so frilling that I felt no need to dress the outfit up with jewelry. Or show you the whole rest of the outfit, for that matter. 

Do you have any frilling floral faves this spring? Will you EBEW today?

- Aurelia

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Summer Style Tip: The Bandeau


I love spring and summer’s many options for strappy, v-neck, filmy-see-through, lacey, flowy tops, but I don’t love baring quite so much of my bosom.  And many times, especially if I’m in Texas or Louisiana, it’s just too hot to wear a cami or tank underneath.  If you have this problem too, say hello to your new friend, the bandeau.

This lady gives coverage and cleavage-hiding without the heat!  And can often liven up an outfit just so, giving it a peek of color or hint of lace, and adding a layered look without the layered warmth. Here are some ideas for how to use your new friend.

I particularly like this one, which can be worn both as bandeau, and as racerback. But I’d recommend having at least one nude, lacy one in your repertoire (like the one I paired with the black maxi dress).  The nude color tends to go with anything, but the lace keeps it from looking like you’re showing your bra on accident.  Plus, lace is so “spring ‘11 sweet-sexy”. If you need more support (hello, mama-boobs), you can wear your regular bra underneath, especially with tops that have straps but are maybe too low-cut in the front. 

Do you have style tricks you love to use?  Share in the comments!


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Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Frills


Oops! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was so busy giving my LAST presentation for my Master of Social Work and FINISHING my final course work, that I must have forgotten. 

When the day was done, I switched out my B Makowsky pumps for these wedges and went to celebrate!

And next week, I’ll be graduating in these

You see, ALL I have been wanting lately are fun, fab wedges. I plan for these babies to be on my feet most days this spring and summer, if I can help it (and I can). And in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting pictures of the rest of my favorite spring frills, because we can’t ALWAYS be basic or timeless. Sometimes, we gotta FRILL things up.

What spring trends are frilling you this spring?

- Aurelia

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Stuff We Love: Fran’s Spring Outfit Inspiration


I have been eyeing this Peacock Paradise skirt from Ruche for some time now, and today I was dreaming about what outfit I’d put together to go with it.  Doesn’t this look cool and breezy and perfect for a spring outing?

Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist by Fran@youfrillme featuring thong sandals

Red Herring short sleeve tee
8.50 GBP -

Denim jacket
$80 -

A line skirt
$33 -

Enzo Angiolini thong sandal
$100 -

All Saints canvas shoulder bag
$50 -

Dorothy Perkins cord necklace
10 GBP -

Printed scarve
2,95 EUR -

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Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Wishlist


Bold colors, ruffles, floral prints, and BIG wedges. Spring is here, and I’m dreaming of pretty things. 

A lovely dress for graduation, perhaps?

Dresses from Kensie and Modcloth

Bags in bold colors for every occasion? Yes, please!

Bags from Banana Republic

Big wedges and frilling bows: I WANT.

Wedges and Heels from LuLu.

What’s on your Spring Wishlist? 

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Frilling Friday: 3/25/11


Happy Friday!

It has been sooooo rainy here in SF.  It has rained nearly every day for 2 weeks.  And I have a sniffle.  Boo.  But this week’s fresh flower has been cheering me up: the lovely ranunculus.

(image via google images)

Here are some FRILLING things I found this week.

Remember last week when I told you about We Love Colors?  Well, you Must. Have. Colored tights for Fall 2011:

(image from The Sartorialist)

I’m discovering all the fun things you can do with wool felt.
These felted lamps are weird.
Speaking of baby dresses, look at these from Pink Chicken. So cute.
Look at this awesome quilt exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC.
I had a fun time yesterday looking at the Corita Kent exhibit at the Craft museum here in SF.  What an inspiring artist.
Remembering Elizabeth Taylor.
I’m loving maxi dresses for spring.  I just with they were nursing-friendly.  alas…
Bamboo spectacles! (via Design for Mankind)
This week we popped into the Jonathan Adler store on Fillmore Street, and I fell in love with this pillow.  I’m going to figure out how to recreate it.

Have a happy weekend!

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Fashion Face-off: Who Wore it Better?


I’ve been TRYING to tell you! Bold, bright prints are dominating this spring, and Amanda Seyfried’s April cover of Elle magazine is only confirming the trend. STILL, I couldn’t help but think her dress looked a little too familiar. Hailee Steinfeld and her little fashionista self (seriously, I could write an entire post on her impressive red carpet picks during award season) wore a very similar dress to the SAG awards back in January. 

Seyfried, in her 20s, wears the dress with A LOT more sex appeal, whereas 14-year-old Steinfeld keeps it looking too-darn-cute and very age appropriate. 

Who do you think wore it better?

Image via People

Image via Just Jared

-  Aurelia

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