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Friends, the weather is warming up here in Tejas.  And having lived the past two summers in San Francisco, where summer is cool and foggy, my warm-weather wardrobe is sadly lacking.   If you have ever spent a summer in the South, you know that your wardrobe should consist of the following: shorts, tank tops, and light dresses.  To go with these you will need sandals, flip flops, and a cardigan or two for inside chilly air-conditioned spaces.

This wardrobe model is a far cry from the layered looks I’ve been wearing for the last couple of years, so I’m having to rethink my look for summer.   How to make it my own, when scarves, belts, and layering pieces will only make me hot?  It’s a style conundrum, I tell you.  To add to my difficulty, I hate hate hate DESPISE strapless bras; which means that many of the dresses I come across are out, at least for me.  I also don’t feel comfortable showing too much cleavage, which further limits my choices.

So I’ve been doing a little online hunting for some summer dresses that are light and easy, not too revealing, and work with a normal bra.  Here are a few I’ve found, all for under $40.

Halter Handkerchief Dress from Old Navy

This dress seems really versatile and comfortable, able to dress up or down, washable and cool.  The lines of it are interesting enough (cinched waist, pleated skirt, handkerchief hemline) that it could stand alone or be accompanied by a scarf and a short jacket or cardigan, even a belt if it’s not too sweltering out.

V-neck Cap Sleeve Striped Dress from Target

Beth had this one on the other day, but in the pink colorway.  (That Beth, always with the good finds.) She wore it with a lightweight black blazer and belt and wedge heels.  You wouldn’t think the black blazer would work, but it did; it was kindof edgy yet femme with the pink stripes.  And comfy and light to boot.

Crochet Insert Dress from Asos

I really like the crochet detail along with the bright cobalt of this one.  I think a girl could get away with wearing a skin-colored regular bra, yes?

Deep V Pocket Dress from Piperlime

This one also comes in an emerald green solid color.  The lines are fairly simple, and the stripes I think would stand alone without accessories better than a solid.  I think I would feel undressed if I wore the solid color with no scarf, etc.

Are you hunting for spring/summer wardrobe staples?  What have you found that works for you in hot weather?

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