Frilling Fashionistas: Katelyn’s Eclectic Style Choices


Hi all. Happy Friday! Today we are excited to introduce our first FRILLING fashionista of 2013! I have been pestering my old friend from seminary, Katelyn, to send me photographs of her awesome style choices for a while now, and she finally did! Thanks Katelyn!

Katelyn lives with her husband and adorable English Bulldog in East Texas. She has a Masters of Divinity AND a Masters in Spanish. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog for some thoughtful writing and insights into her family’s daily life.

I have always admired Katelyn and her eclectic style choices. You really never know what she’ll be wearing next, but it’s always super frilling and thoughtful. She always stays true to herself and wears whatever she likes rather than staying within the confines of certain looks. Katelyn says that on any given day, you’ll find her outfit choice inspired by classic, bohemian, hipster, modern vintage, or even grungy cues. Because of this, I find her style to be pretty eclectic.

Check out the stunning pics below, and catch tidbits of Katelyn’s style inspiration along the way!

“This is an example of when I want to add ‘frills’ to a simple outfit. I’ll take a simple sweater and skinnies and add glasses and a fun hairdo as accessories.”

“I like to wear accessories or clothes that mean something to me. Everyday I wear a ring from my time working at a church in Chile, a bracelet my mom brought me from Brazil, my everyday purse is from Chile, etc. In the winter my favorite beanie is a gift my dad brought me from Peru. I love collecting pieces from around the world. My favorite pieces have meaning behind them, and I think that’s why recently I’ve been drawn to vintage, bc even though I don’t know the story behind them, I know there is one.”

sweater: Modcloth / pants: Old Navy / shoes: Steve Madden / earrings & purse: Paizlee /  watch: Michael Kors / bracelet & ring: travel souvenirs 

“I dress for myself. I am just as confident going to dinner in sweats & no makeup as I am if I get all dolled up. I might not feel as cute, but I don’t let the way I look determine my self value. If others wonder why I’m not wearing makeup, it doesn’t bother me. So if I feel like dressing cute, I do, and if I don’t, then I don’t. “

“I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. Anything expensive is either a gift, bought with a gift card, or on sale. I enjoy seeing expensive outfits and recreating them in my own budget. I’ll only splurge on things I know will get a lot of wear such as shoes.”

hat and chambray: Gap / pants: Old Navy / boots: Jessica Simpson 

“I’m just loving hats lately. And colored pants of course. Because of where I live I often feel stylistically out of place. So, if I’m going to wear something a little bolder like a hat, I tend to tone down my outfit. I still put together something cute, but it’s a little more plain than it would be if I didn’t wear a hat. But then again, sometimes I just go for it!”

“I love tights and pattern mixing, so I loved this outfit enough to wear it in our Christmas cards.” 

dress: Ruche / tights: Madewell / shoes: Clarks

Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Katelyn! And if you haven’t realized it by now, you totally FRILL us!!

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Stuff We Love: Frilling Hair Pieces


Hair Pieces continue to be a frilling trend; I love to see all the different kinds people are coming up with, especially handmade designers.  Here are some of my favorites: 

Head Band from Forever 21

Head band: Handmade – I got this at a fundraiser auction last year and have no idea who made it! 

Bow Clip from Urban Outfitters

Baby Pill Box Hat: Handmade from Black Gardenia Design

Feather clip: Handmade from Molly Gee Designs

What’s your favorite hair piece to wear?

- Aurelia

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Frilling Friday: 7/1/2011


Happy Friday and Happy July everyone! I’m filling in for Fran on this Frilling Friday. Does anyone have any frilling plans for the fourth? I’ll be studying for a final, but after that, my BFF is coming to visit me for a fun Austin holiday. I’ll document our trip and write a post on my favorite Austin spots in a couple of weeks. 

Until then, check out this festive apple pie. If you love to bake, this might be the perfect treat to get your 4th of July party going. 

Also, I LOVE this DIY on 4th of July sparklers

And in honor of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their trip to North America, another reason to love Kate Middleton.

This is my crafting pick of the week. Did you find anything good?

And on the style side of things, I’m still loving the Nautical look that’s been so big this spring/summer. This style blog is one of my faves. 

Finally, I’ve been noticing that long skirts are really trending lately. Is there a special name for long skirts? Could someone please tell me so that I can sound more fashion savvy? Anyway, I love how Kendi styles hers on her style blog. Now if only I wasn’t so short. It’s really hard to find a long skirt that doesn’t swallow you when you’re 5’1. 

Did anyone find anything in the blogger world worth sharing this week? Sound off in the comments!

- Aurelia

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Stuff we Love: Aurelia’s Spring Frills: Floral EBEW


First off, do you EBEW? This month’s pick over at Everybody Everywear is floral, which goes perfectly with some of my frilling spring faves. Floral has been quite the fad for a while now, so much so, that my collection has really grown! 

Here are a few of my favorite floral frills from my own wardrobe:

I like to compliment this Gap floral maxi dress with a hot pink bandeau bra and lots of long necklaces. It kind of freaks me out that you can’t see my eye balls in these pics. I promise, I do have a soul.

Can someone say “floral on floral on floral”? Floral is girly. So is lavendar. So is bright pink lip gloss. And just for good measure, I threw in a bow (a floral bow). In this outfit, my girliness shall not be challenged!! This entire set is from Urban Outfitters (minus the scarf..which was purchased at Goodie Two Shoes in Austin). 

Another Urban Outfitters gem. The back is so frilling that I felt no need to dress the outfit up with jewelry. Or show you the whole rest of the outfit, for that matter. 

Do you have any frilling floral faves this spring? Will you EBEW today?

- Aurelia

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

Stylishly Comfortable: A Fresh Look at the T-shirt


If you know me, you know I don’t wear t-shirts very often.  To me, the word “t-shirt” is synonymous with “frumpy”.  And frumpy is not frilling.  Even on days when I just want to be comfortable (ok, here’s where I get up on my imaginary soapbox and shout into my imaginary megaphone: COMFY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FRUMPY! Did you get that?  There will be a quiz.). So, the t-shirt doesn’t make much of an appearance in my closet, except in the company of jogging shorts and running shoes; which, as far as I’m concerned, is where t-shirts should stay. 

But.  I was looking around over at Zara, and I came across their collection of t-shirts. I’m thinking these might actually redeem the t-shirt for me. They are fun, flirty, colorful, drapey, and ever-so-frilling. And, for all of the comfort-aholics, just as comfy to wear as the frumpy kind.   Case in point:

the Paint T-shirt
. Divine.

T-Shirt with Shoulder Frill
.  Frilling.

Flower T-Shirt
.  Bold and blooming.

T-Shirt with Flounce Sleeve.

Voluminous T-shirt
.  This silhouette is so forgiving, and so right now

Polka-Dot T-shirt.  Polka Dots aren’t going anywhere soon.

Linen T-shirt
.  Linen (+ Cotton, actually) = love

With all these cute options, what’s not to love about t-shirts?  Ok, repeat after me: COMFY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FRUMPY. COMFY CAN BE FRILLING! Seriously, next time you’re feeling the need for something comfy to throw on with jeans, reach for one of these, and leave your ratty-tatty tees behind to keep your sports bra company.

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Summer Style Tip: The Bandeau


I love spring and summer’s many options for strappy, v-neck, filmy-see-through, lacey, flowy tops, but I don’t love baring quite so much of my bosom.  And many times, especially if I’m in Texas or Louisiana, it’s just too hot to wear a cami or tank underneath.  If you have this problem too, say hello to your new friend, the bandeau.

This lady gives coverage and cleavage-hiding without the heat!  And can often liven up an outfit just so, giving it a peek of color or hint of lace, and adding a layered look without the layered warmth. Here are some ideas for how to use your new friend.

I particularly like this one, which can be worn both as bandeau, and as racerback. But I’d recommend having at least one nude, lacy one in your repertoire (like the one I paired with the black maxi dress).  The nude color tends to go with anything, but the lace keeps it from looking like you’re showing your bra on accident.  Plus, lace is so “spring ‘11 sweet-sexy”. If you need more support (hello, mama-boobs), you can wear your regular bra underneath, especially with tops that have straps but are maybe too low-cut in the front. 

Do you have style tricks you love to use?  Share in the comments!


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Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Frills


Oops! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was so busy giving my LAST presentation for my Master of Social Work and FINISHING my final course work, that I must have forgotten. 

When the day was done, I switched out my B Makowsky pumps for these wedges and went to celebrate!

And next week, I’ll be graduating in these

You see, ALL I have been wanting lately are fun, fab wedges. I plan for these babies to be on my feet most days this spring and summer, if I can help it (and I can). And in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting pictures of the rest of my favorite spring frills, because we can’t ALWAYS be basic or timeless. Sometimes, we gotta FRILL things up.

What spring trends are frilling you this spring?

- Aurelia

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Frilling Friday 4/8/11


Happy Friday!  Time for some fun links:

I want to go see this exhibit (they’re made of paper!):

My friend here in SF, poet Sunnylyn Thibodeaux, has a new book of poems out entitled Palm to Pine; go buy!

Wanna know how to make ice cream with only one ingredient and no ice cream maker?

More tips on managing your wardrobe.

Mine too
.  But, I will scoff at you if I find out you haven’t read the book.  A lady sitting next to me in the movie said, “Oh no is he going to be dead?”.  ohmylord.  scoffityscoffscoff. You honestly didn’t read the book before you came here today? come on.

I’m loving these colorful dining chairs with the white table – inspired! (via here).

What do you think?  Can you rock these hot pants?

How intimate, How resourceful, How Tiny!

So I was getting sortof sick of seeing this poster in interior photos all over the place (for instance). Until I read the history of it, which does make it more interesting.  But I still think it’s getting a bit overdone, no?  Maybe it’s sortof like my Christo and Jean-Claude poster that I had before it was cool to have a Christo and Jean-Claude poster. But now it is, so it isn’t anymore. Or maybe it still is.

I really love Liz’s roundup of crafty/DIY projects for spring; I want to make them all.

I always like to have a fun desktop wallpaper that I change frequently.  Check these out.  I currently have Gnome.

I wish I wish I wish I would have known about these baby journals when I was shopping for a baby book.  Until now, I thought all baby books were lame, including the one I have (ugh so cheesy).  In the end I most just write things down in a little moleskine notebook anyway (such as: guess who rolled over yesterday while I was making tea in the kitchen.  I missed it. Boo.).

West Elm’s new kitchen line has been getting rave reviews in the blogosphere; I’m doing some raving myself.  Just look at these porcelain salt and pepper shakers:

Have a happy weekend! Got any FRILLING Friday plans?


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Frilling Friday 4/1/11


Happy Friday!

We are having GORGEOUS weather here in SF this week.  No more rain for now! We are enjoying being outdoors, going to the park, taking walks with friends.  I’m also hoping to work on my newest hobby: embroidery.  Take a look at all the cool things happening in the embroidery world.  This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery:

patterned tights + embroidery = awesome (from Rhi Stitched via Sublime Stitching)

And (joy!) embroidered book covers!

Here are some other FRILLING things I found this week.  Check em out:

The Key to Cool Layering: Excellent style tips from Shana.  Go read this now to bump up your style factor.
More papaya red.
Well-edited wardrobe = your best style friend.  I need to work on this…
More tips on closet editing.
A Philosophy for the home.
Melissa customized her Boppy!
What did I tell you about colored tights?!
For your health: check out my Vitamin D Alert on Vegeater.
On another nutritional note, check out my Nutritionist colleague Jessica’s excellent blog post on Iodine.
And, this week Aurelia and I started our new series called Stuff We Love. We’ve got cosmetic picks and style basics, and more to come.

Hope you have a happy weekend.  Today marks the start of my birthday month (yes, I like to celebrate all month), so it’s sure to be FRILLING.


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Stuff We Love: Style Basics: Aurelia’s Picks


Um… you’re gonna want to buy these Urban Outfitters Cooperative Canvas Wedges. Seriously: LOVE. They go with EVERYTHING – pants, shorts, skirts, dresses – you name it. They GO. Plus, they sell them in, like, every color imaginable. I wish I had red or blue, too. Overall, this brown color is my fave, though, because it’s very similar to my skin tone, and it blends with whatever outfit I wear. Again, LOVE!

It’s a cryin’ shame I couldn’t find these brown Banana Republic Petite Skinny Corduroy Pants on a lovely model to showcase their awesome fit. But you can go here if you are interested in grey or white (they’re on sale!). I LOVE these. No, I ADORE these. I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to find pants that FIT. These are comfortable and stylish, AND they fit my 5”1-Zero-Short-Body-Of-A-12-Year-Old self perfectly! I can’t tell you what this means to me. BR Petite section, I love you.  

I haven’t owned a denim jacket in YEARS and when I finally do get one, I can’t even find it online to show you! This is the closest match I could find to my basic light-weight denim jacket purchased from my beloved petite section at BR. Believe me, this picture does NOT do it justice. The one I own is a much darker blue, has less obnoxious buttons, and has a draw string. Still, I was determined to tell you about it because it really has become a basic necessity in my wardrobe. I love using it to dress down outfits, and I LOVE that the material is not too thick or heavy. Basically, I get the look of a cute denim jacket without the feel of it. 

A lot of my style basics aren’t available online. Either I’m really unique or all my stuff is really old! What are your style basics?

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