Stylishly Comfortable: A Fresh Look at the T-shirt


If you know me, you know I don’t wear t-shirts very often.  To me, the word “t-shirt” is synonymous with “frumpy”.  And frumpy is not frilling.  Even on days when I just want to be comfortable (ok, here’s where I get up on my imaginary soapbox and shout into my imaginary megaphone: COMFY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FRUMPY! Did you get that?  There will be a quiz.). So, the t-shirt doesn’t make much of an appearance in my closet, except in the company of jogging shorts and running shoes; which, as far as I’m concerned, is where t-shirts should stay. 

But.  I was looking around over at Zara, and I came across their collection of t-shirts. I’m thinking these might actually redeem the t-shirt for me. They are fun, flirty, colorful, drapey, and ever-so-frilling. And, for all of the comfort-aholics, just as comfy to wear as the frumpy kind.   Case in point:

the Paint T-shirt
. Divine.

T-Shirt with Shoulder Frill
.  Frilling.

Flower T-Shirt
.  Bold and blooming.

T-Shirt with Flounce Sleeve.

Voluminous T-shirt
.  This silhouette is so forgiving, and so right now

Polka-Dot T-shirt.  Polka Dots aren’t going anywhere soon.

Linen T-shirt
.  Linen (+ Cotton, actually) = love

With all these cute options, what’s not to love about t-shirts?  Ok, repeat after me: COMFY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FRUMPY. COMFY CAN BE FRILLING! Seriously, next time you’re feeling the need for something comfy to throw on with jeans, reach for one of these, and leave your ratty-tatty tees behind to keep your sports bra company.

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