Ellie’s Super-Useful Summer Outfit


My friend Ellie sent me a message that said: “…Remove Old Navy cotton from my choices and I’ve gotta be honest I’m lost when it comes to hot weather fashion. I can’t wear three layers every day…” (She’s referring to the Rule of Three, mentioned in yesterday’s post.)

With that comment in mind, I thought I’d share an outfit that I envision Ellie getting a lot of use out of.  Ellie, what you’re intuiting is true: Woman Cannot Live by Old Navy Alone.  O.N. is fine for the odd fun piece here and there, but we grownup women do need a little more sophistication now and again. So, taking into account Ellie’s vibrant and fun personality, her job as a minister to youth and college students, as well as her job as a Mama to two young boys, not to mention summer heat and humidity; I made this collage of an outfit I think Ellie might find pretty useful in her daily life.

1. Tank
2. Shorts
3. Cardi
4. Shoes
5. Necklace

These are obviously example pieces you could sub for something else, but you get the idea: a lightweight tank, a cute dressier-type short (sista has great gams), a comfy wedge sandal, a lightweight 3/4 sleeve cardigan for air-conditioned spaces.  Summer date night – done.  Daytime meeting  – done.  Grocery shopping – done.  Grown-up but fun.  Sophisticated but not stuffy.  And all pieces that work in myriad ways with lots of other outfits.

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