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Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! It just so happens to be July’s EBEW today, and the theme is color blocking. I thought I’d have extra fun with this one and show you guys 3 ways I can style my neon pink H&M tank (which, in true H&M fashion, was a very affordable $7).

I love this tank because it is the perfect example of my first fashion rule that any solid can act as a neutral. In other words, this top is very versatile, and while it is definitely on the loud side, there isn’t a lot it can’t be worn with. It’s especially handy when it comes to color blocking.

Check out my 3 looks while I explain my personal color-blocking tendencies:


blazer: Zara / skirt: J Crew (factory store) / Wedges: Banana Republic

Tendency #1: When color-blocking, I personally like to make sure each piece is equally bold. Muted colors or lighter, paler shades paired with other bold pieces do less to contrast one another, which to me, is what color blocking is all about. It’s big, bold, fun, and frilling! But don’t let my tendency determine your own habits – adding more of any type of color to one’s wardrobe is a big step in and of itself!

Fun & Trendy 

skirt: Gap Outlet / shoes: Steve Madden / bag: Urban Outfitters

Tendency #2: Add neutrals to emphasize your color-blocked look. Neon pink and orange is very trendy right now, and it’s also very loud. I love this trend and have been making the most of it while it lasts, but I like to add some neutrals (in this case, my shoes and bag) in order to emphasize the color-blocked look while not being too overwhelming.

Comfy & Casual 

cardigan: J Crew / shorts: Zara / shoes: Steve Madden / bag: Target

Tendency #3: Low accessorizing. Personally, I find color-blocking to be a major statement maker. As a result, I like to tone down my accessorizing in order to better emphasize the colors of my actual clothes. In this case, I am wearing very little jewelry and layering colors instead (i.e., the cardigan and tank). And just when you think I’m going to be consistent, I add a major pop of random color with this neon yellow satchel!

These are my tendencies, which might be fun and easy tips helpful for your color-blocking adventures, but they are definitely not hard and fast rules. What do you guys think? Do you like to color-block with your clothes, shoes, bags, or nails? Will you EBEW?

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Stuff We Love: Affordable, Strappy, Summer Dresses


Go to Target. Now! Run! There are loads and loads of cute, strappy, printed dresses and most are under $25. Can you hear them calling your name? I did. 

Here are two of my picks: 

I love this dress cause you can do a lot of fun accessorizing with it. Here I kept it simple with an Anthropology belt and some long necklaces. 

 This dress is my favorite mostly because I love how the coloring looks on my skin tone. Plus, the fit is perfect for my petite lil’ self. Don’t worry if you don’t love the pattern. There are TONS to choose from.  I didn’t accessorize at all with this one because I really wanted the shoes to be the star of the show. 

These two dresses cost me a whopping $40! Not too shabby for two frilling outfits that can make multiple different looks. 

Now I’m wondering if you even finished this post or are already perusing the aisles at Target. 

- A

Stuff We Love: Aurelia’s Spring Frills


Oops! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was so busy giving my LAST presentation for my Master of Social Work and FINISHING my final course work, that I must have forgotten. 

When the day was done, I switched out my B Makowsky pumps for these wedges and went to celebrate!

And next week, I’ll be graduating in these

You see, ALL I have been wanting lately are fun, fab wedges. I plan for these babies to be on my feet most days this spring and summer, if I can help it (and I can). And in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting pictures of the rest of my favorite spring frills, because we can’t ALWAYS be basic or timeless. Sometimes, we gotta FRILL things up.

What spring trends are frilling you this spring?

- Aurelia

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