Frilling Tea Party Invitations


Aurelia and I were so happy with our tea party invitations.  It was fun putting our heads together to come up with something Frilling, themed, and fun.  It was actually a three-heads-are-better-than-one deal, because Jordan helped us out in a major way.  Handy having your own personal Graphic Designer to whip you up a personalized party invitation (Thanks, Love!).

Aurelia found the doily idea on Pinterest.  I knew I wanted aqua and red, since those are loosely part of the color scheme of T’s room; and we both wanted the invite to be frilly and girly and tea-themed.  So together we threw ideas around and looked around the internets and Hobby Lobby for inspiration, and this is the adorableness we landed on.

We stamped the envelopes with the teapot stamp, and were actually able to use the stamp again later on party favors.  We even tucked a tea bag into each invitation.

I hope the guests were as excited to receive these invitations as we were to send them.  Darling, no?


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