Teething Jewelry Roundup


At 6-months, Baby B is curiously grabbing at EVERYTHING her arms can reach.  This is adorable and normal, but alas, my necklace collection is gathering dust.  And outfits just don’t seem complete without them.  But the good news is there are goodies out there that are stylish for moms, and fun and safe for babies to chew on.  The choice of materials are pretty much limited to silicone, wood, or fabric, but there’s definitely more out there than I anticipated.  I’m also putting on my thinking cap about designing a piece of my own.  Not to mention, I have a couple of normal, sturdy pieces that I’m ok with letting B chow down on; like my signature chunky gold cuff.

I really like this teething pendant from Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry.  It comes in all sorts of colors. 

They have a silicone bangle also.  I would wear three or four at a time, cause that’s how I roll.

Here’s the Jane necklace by Chewbeads.  They have an assortment of colors also, and once again, I’d wear several at once. 

And the Cornelia bracelet (also Chewbeads).  Ya’ll know I like chunky.

The OhPlah teething cuff.  I’m not wild about the imprints on them, which seem a little cheesy to me (they remind me of soap), but I really like the shape of the cuff.

And I love this Chomping Necklace from Tweet Baby; it’s probably my favorite:

I’m also thinking I could get creative and make my own teething necklace out of a wooden teething ring like this below, by adding a leather or nylon string.

And this bead and crochet nursing necklace from Kangaroo Care is fun and bright and comes in a variety of colorways if you’re not into bright primary colors.

This one from Little Green Earthling is especially cute.  I like the mix of cloth, beads, and wood elements.

Mamas, have you worn any sort of baby-friendly jewelry?  What are your faves?  Or, if you were a Mama, could you rock a teething ring?

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