Born to Play


And this is one reason we like Texas: cause we get to play in the dirt…


…with crazy post-nap hair…

…and wear flipflops…

…in winter.


PS: Thank God for Oxy-Clean.

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Frilling Friday: Texas Bluebonnets


Spring is here, and the bluebonnets have sprung! The Texas State Flower is lovely to behold, and behold, it is everywhere around here!

We had a lovely big patch in the yard…until my dad came along yesterday and bush-hogged them. (“Whaa? Flowers? I was just mowing the weeds down. Oh. Sorry.”) Fortunately there were a few left standing and I was able to capture them.  Technically I think you’re not supposed to pick them, but we’re on private property so… picking, bush-hogging, what’s the difference?

I walked down the road a bit to another lot where there was a large, intact patch.  I think they are so charming.

And this is Texas for you: Bluebonnets and cacti. There you go.

And here’s a look at this blasted gold stuff that I think is causing my current allergic demise.  Bah. They do not frill me.

What’s FRILLING you this weekend?

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Growing Up in Texas


When you grow up in Texas, you get to play outside on the tractor with your Grandpa because it’s 81 degrees in February.

But you have to watch out for those pesky cacti!



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