She went to school…


Well, “school.”  “School” = Kids Day Out two mornings a week.  At 21 months, Little B is such a curious, sociable, talkative, affectionate kid; we think she’s going to love playing with friends, singing songs, and doing art projects a few hours a week.  And, true to her nature, she practically ran to the door yelling “school!” “play!”, and didn’t look back or give us a second thought.  She was completely uninterested in a goodbye hug for Mama and Papa.

What She Wore…

…purple polka dot dress from BabyGap Outlet with comfy Stride Rite Mary Jane sneakers.

What She (we) Carried…

…beloved frog backpack (bought on clearance at Gap Outlet), and her new PlanetBox Rover Lunch box, a bento-style kit which I think I’m in love with.

What She Ate…

…black olives, dried peas, cheese cubes, rice crackers, goji berries, strawberries and kiwis, a dried fig, seaweed snacks, and a homemade gluten-free Almond Flour Snickerdoodle.  Don’t you love how tidy this lunch box makes everything look? So appetizing.  I wish someone would make me a lunch like this every day.

She’s such a fun girl.

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Frilling Friday: It’s Too Hot to Go Outside…


…(105 degrees) At least for Mama…

So we explore some indoor artistic activities…

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3 Baby/Toddler Gadgets that Frill Me


I am not a gadget girl by choice. But, when it comes to making my job as a Mama a little more convenient, I’m on the lookout for those simple gadgets that make life easier.   Here are a few of my favorite helpers, that also make great shower gifts:

The Nose Frida Snot Sucker

Bulb syringes are OUT!  The Nose Frida is IN!  So much easier to use, easier to clean, and it actually SUCKS!  I’d had it with bulb syringes after about ten seconds of trying to use them, to no effect.  Get/give a Nose Frida Snot Sucker. 

The Dropper Stopper

Oh, how I wish I’d had this months ago!  I recently picked one up in a little boutique, and Oh how I WISH I’d gotten two!  You attach one end to your stroller (or carseat), and the other fastens around a toy, bottle, or sippy cup.  No more picking up, then cleaning up, toys and cups off the street. The drops are stopped.

The Innobaby Packin’ Smart Original

This is a set of BPA-free food containers that stack and lock together.  I love it for toting around toddler (yep, I have a toddler now) snacks.  It’s compact and easy to grab out of the diaper bag.  Here I have it filled with on-the-go baby munchies (freeze-dried peas, dried apples, raisins, rice puffs, arrowroot teething cookies):

They come in a bunch of colors.  I have “Transportation” theme, because that was what the store had in stock.

And speaking of toddlers, here she goes!

(can’t resist throwing that in there, blurry photos and all…)

Do you have any baby/toddler gadgets/helpers that FRILL you?  Share in the comments. We’d love to hear about them!


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