Red and Pink


Hello!  We have a Frilling week of Valentine fun this week! Starting with EBEW! Since tomorrow’s EBEW is red and pink (we’ll be linking up tomorrow morning), I thought it was a perfect day to post my Valentine ensemble.

Aurelia’s Valentine party had a dress code: wear red, pink, and/or black.  Dress up or dress down, didn’t matter.  I wanted to dress up!  How often does a Mama get to put on a cheesy cocktail dress and go to a junior high dance?  I wanted to make the most of this Frilling opportunity.  So for that, I went to Ross and purchased this $8 dress.  Which I wore with leopard pumps and my pink blazer (and, I’ll admit, occasionally a hot pink feather boa.  But we won’t talk about that here.)

This is not a dress that I would personally buy unless I had a cheesy occasion to wear it.  But, for the $8 price tag, I thought it worth the purchase.  I hardly ever wear true red, but I think I pulled it off just this once.  But I certainly don’t need an occasion to wear my favorite hot pink blazer… or hot pink lips…. or hot pink nails…

And of course, no outfit post from me would be complete without a peek at what attempting to get an outfit photo really looks like in my world:

Incidentally, this is a pretty budget-friendly outfit. Dress: Ross.  Shoes: target.  Blazer: Gap.  Swarovski bracelets: raided from my mom’s closet. Clutch: Sam Moon.  And yep, B is wearing Valentine PJ’s.  I planned that. Sortof.

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