Oooh, Pretty: Wooden Bead Necklaces


Sooo sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I had a Frilling Friday post written up for last week, but tumblr was having some serious server issues and lost my post, then I didn’t have any time to write a new one.   Anyhow, onward.

The other day in Austin I saw a girl wearing a set of long wooden bead necklaces and I thought they looked frilllingly stylish.  Ever since, I have had wooden beads on the brain.  These DIY ones from Martha Stewart are magnificent:

This one from Peacocks is nice.  I like the natural wood tones, although I prefer to mix a few together…

Here’s a pretty handmade one with flower-shaped beads. 

And this simple, minimal, dark wood one:

I think wood bead are a simple way to add a touch of nature to an outfit.  They seem so easy to wear.  They’re like the jeans of jewelry — throw them on with anything. 

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