Hungry for Hunger Games


I recently read the Hunger Games trilogy.  I know, I’m late to the bandwagon; but I read all three in a matter of a few days — inhaled them.  Such a crazy, wacked-out, gripping story.  And now I can’t wait for the movie.

When I was visiting in Austin, Aurelia was talking about who had been cast in the movie roles.  She expressed some dismay that a girl named Jennifer Lawrence had been cast as Katniss, mostly because in the book Katniss is portrayed as a dark-skinned, dark-eyed girl from the Seam (the slums of her district), which is a source of identity and pride for her.  Jennifer Lawrence is a blue-eyed white girl.  So I get your beef, Rae.  It kinda seems like Hollywood is selling Katniss out to the Hollywood set.


But.  If you had seen her in Winter’s Bone, the (excellent) low-budget Indie film in which she earned herself an Oscar nod, you would know that she is perfect for the role.

She IS Katniss Everdeen.  Just you wait and see.  The director says they’ll make her hair dark for the movie, so at least there’s that.

Some kid named Joshua Hutcherson will play Peeta. (I had kindof picture Peeta in my head as more of a beefy, nordic-looking guy.) And some other kid named Liam Hensworth will play Gale.   Frankly I don’t see how either will be able to stand up to Jen Lawrence and not be entirely out-acted.  But, meh, I’ll give em a chance.

I was delighted to find that Haymitch will be played by my Fave and long-time crush Woody Harrellson.  Brilliant.  He’ll play an excellent no-‘count drunken has-been :)

And Stanley Tucci, another Fave, will play Caesar Flickerman.  Again, brilliant.

I guess he’ll have to wear a wig, since Caesar always has crazy-colored hair… Speaking of, it will be fun to see how they portray the crazy fashion shenanigans of the Capitol citizens.

What do you think about the cast? Did you read the books? Did you see Winter’s Bone?


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