Stuff We Love: Mom & Baby Edition


It’s been a while since we’ve done an edition of Stuff We Love, but I have some good ones to share for mamas and babes.  Check em out:

1.Weleda Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and Weleda Calendula Cream.  German company Weleda is known for their clean, non-toxic skin care products, and I have used many over the years.  These two baby products are in daily use at our house.  The baby shampoo is gentle and creamy and has a lovely light, natural calendula fragrance. The baby cream is pretty thick and moisturizing, and is doing good things for a touch of cradle cap on Baby T’s scalp. It’s also good for diaper irritation.  If you don’t like a thick cream, opt for Weleda Calendula lotion. Highly recommended by most of the Midwives I know.

2. Bare Minerals Matte Foundation. I have been using this stuff for 3 years now, and I love it.  One product does the work of three: foundation, powder, and concealer.  Gives me just the right amount of coverage, depending on how much I apply.  Always looks natural, and covers dark undereye circles and blemishes admirably when applied with a concealer brush.  This stuff is just the thing for anyone who doesn’t have much time to spend on makeup (hello mamas).  Also, the mineral ingredients are fairly clean. I have literally thrown away every other foundation or concealer product I used to use.  I usually wear it with a few swipes of Bare Minerals Warmth.  Mascara, lip gloss, and I’m out the door.

3.Wet bags. I got mine from For Keeps; Amanda, the shop owner, custom made them in the fabrics of my choice (aren’t those cameras so cute?).  Wet bags are heat-sealed to keep wet, smelly messes in.  Even if you aren’a a cloth-diaperer, you need a reusable wet bag in your diaper bag.  I can still remember the time B had an enormous blowout at Whole Foods and I had to carry her clothes home in an industrial-sized trash bag because that was all the guy there had to give me in a pinch.  Don’t make that mistake, mamas. Also useful for swimsuits and stinky workout gear.

4. Zutano baby booties.  Forget baby socks; they never stay on long. Zutano fleece booties snap on and hardly ever fall off.  Plus they’re completely adorable. Note: the non-fleece ones don’t stay on as well.

5. A good scarf collection.  I still maintain that a cute scarf is a nursing mama’s best accessory.  I wear one pretty much every day.  Besides making an outfit look put together or adding a pop of color, a scarf serves as a nursing cover, spitup stain hider, impromptu baby blanket, and can drape over your stroller or carseat carrier for naps on the go.  My most-used scarf is a black and white patterned one that goes with everything.  You’ve seen it (on Aurelia – she borrowed it) here. Black + white = bang for your buck. But I think this blue animal print is pretty versatile as well.

6. Skin Eternal Cream by Source Naturals.  This is a recent discovery of mine.  I’ve been using it at night for a few months now, and every morning when I wake up after a long night of parenting and nursing I think: Wow, my skin doesn’t look as tired as I feel.  And if that isn’t a good testimonial I don’t know what is.

7. NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator.  NoseFrida is my good friend.  You may have met her here before.  I can’t parent without her.  She is easy to clean and easy to use.  Get rid of your bulb syringe because it isn’t doing you any favors, and plus you have no idea what’s inside it.

8.  And one more thing I’d like to add, which I couldn’t find a good image of: Heron’s Nest Herb Farm Healing Salve.  Heron’s Nest Herb Farm is a local (for me) farm and producer of completely natural, wholesome skin care products in Blanco, Texas.  I picked up a jar of their healing salve at a farmer’s market.  For diaper rash, I apply a layer of this stuff for soothing and healing, topped with a layer of Boudreaux’s All-Natural Butt Paste as a wetness barrier, and the irritation is soon gone.  Also good for cuts, scrapes, random rashes, bug bites, and the occasional cracked nipple (wipe off before nursing).

Do you have mom/baby items you love that you’d like to share?  Let us know in the comments!


A Coming-Home Outfit for Baby C.


My friend Jenn C. is looking for a cute coming-home outfit for her soon-to-arrive baby girl.  In her words, “…it needs to be cuddly cute, nothing fru-fru, and not a hand-me-down.” Boy, do I have ideas for you!  These are all made of natural fibers, either cotton, bamboo, or wool.

The first being, ZUTANO! Baby B had a little Zutano footie outfit in newborn size, which she was able to wear once until she outgrew it and I sent it along for her cousin to wear.  But I was sad because I loved it so much.  It was this:

We even had the little hat to match.  Next time I won’t buy the newborn size, as I think my babies tend to arrive big and grow very quickly.  But the newborn size would be perfect if your babies tend to come out around 6-7 pounds.  All the Zutano stuff is cute and hip.

This “kittensuit” by Kumquat is also adorable.  This is the “Dotty Owl” pattern, but they have lots of prints to choose from.

For an all-white option (I love to see newborns in white), this bamboo layette gown by Kicky Pants is supersoft, and the drawstring bottom makes diapering easy. 

While I love them for ease of nighttime (anytime) diapering, gowns aren’t the best for riding in the carseat, as they leave little legs exposed once baby is all buckled in.  So if it were me, I might opt for a footie as a coming-home outfit instead, like this bamboo Ruffle Footie Pajama, also from Kicky Pants (I CANNOT resist a ruffle on a baby girl.):

I’m also loving this organic cotton elephant print bodysuit from Kate Quinn Organics:

And some handknit wool loveliness, like these wool pants from Llamajamas:

And, since I am a firm believer that babies should always be kept warm, don’t forget the undershirt and a selection of hats (handknit wool is classic, warm and always unique).

Also, I sometimes like to add another layer to the legs with a pair of baby leg warmers

What are your favorite items for baby layette?

PS: we just discovered these booties.  They never fall off.  Forget socks, get booties.

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